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  • Blaine Linton

Change your definition of success!!!

An incredible individual I once worked with was made to feel like a failure for using three separate times in one year. People would shame this person telling her that she blew it each time, that she was extremely selfish, and that she was never going to make it. They told her that she didn't want it bad enough and that she was in denial. Ironically, just one year before this very woman used for 365 days straight. Despite reducing her use by more than 99%, no one could give her credit for the significant progress she had made. This "All or Nothing" thinking is toxic and often becomes a significant driver for relapse as those who struggle with use disorders can start to think and feel that no matter how well they is never good enough. The follow-up thinking for many victimized by this classic lack of support then becomes, "So what is the point of even trying?" I'm sure that if you take a moment you will realize this is not the feeling you want to impart to those you hold most dear? We need to applaud even the micro-changes! Doing so adds to a healthy sense of pride and a confidence necessary to reach even greater levels of success! Don't let your "perfect"

definition of success blind you to the actual successes of those struggling with use disorders; changing your view may literally help to save their life!-Blaine Linton LADC, CCS

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